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For several years, I was an employee of a corporately held funeral firm in Holgate and Napoleon. At first, I didn't think it mattered much that the accountants lived in Georgia and the investors lived all over the country, but over time it became apparent that their focus was to grow profits, not the service of local families.

Stephanie and I asked ourselves, “Do we want to cater to out-of-state stockholders and accountants or to our friends and neighbors here in Henry County?”

We felt that funerals were best left to trusted, reputable friends, and that personal attention, a caring attitude and professionalism were the qualities of a local family business. Our community deserved better... Better attention, better service, better choices and therefore better value.

As soon as we looked at the St. Peter’s Lutheran Educational Building on William Street, we could envision the perfect layout for a modern new handicap accessible funeral home. The process began on March 17, 2006. We are very grateful to St. Peter’s for selling us the building. With the help of many friends and family, we were able to complete the remodeling, and the building became a licensed funeral home on August 16, 2006. In a short five months, we were in business.

It is the mission of the Zachrich Funeral Home and Cremation Services to facilitate meaningful ways for families to grieve their loss and celebrate the memories of their loved ones.

We are not governed by corporate mandates or driven to increase profits. You can be assured that ALL decisions that affect our business are made right here, based on your needs.

We will provide information, options and guidance with the highest level of competence, courtesy and compassion. We will provide respectful and affordable funeral, cremation and memorialization services in a comfortable environment, always striving to exceed the expectations of each family we serve.

We know that our success depends upon how we treat each and every family we serve. The most valuable thing we own cannot be seen or touched - it is the goodwill of the people we have served and the people who recommend us.

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